World of Warcraft: Dog Day Afternoon part2

So the levelling up continues …
Made it to level 42, in just a couple of days. Nothing to be proud of, the game (at least until now) is so easy. Not once did I have to group with another person to finish a quest or something. Not once. So for a multiplayer game, a bit weird.

I also haven’t done many dungeons. I really don’t see the need to do so. Every item you have gets replaced so fast, it’s really time-wasting to do a dungeon a couple of times in order to obtain a particular blue item. Although maybe Scarlet Monestary is worth a revisit. I remember grinding a Scarlet Monestary wing dozens of times, to get my hands on a 2-handed mace, I believe it was called Mograin’s Might or something?

Anyway, a compilation of screenshots that I took on my journey to level 42.

I decided to check out Ashenvale some more, to see all the changes it has gone though.

The bear is still locked up inside a cage. I remember this quest from the vanilla WOW days…

Ashenvale also troubled by ‘world’ changes. A lot of trees didn’t make it.

After running round and round with no real goal, I decided to head over to Stranglethorn Vale, the area most south of the Eastern Kingdoms. Also the home of Booty Bay, pirate-city. Stranglethorn Vale used to be a place you raced through questing for levels. So you might say it was a bit underappriciated.

STV also split up in two parts, North and South. Here, the world has been torn up heavy, creating a beautifull waterfall.

It so happens Booty Bay has a connection to that other little harbor, namely Ratchet. And Ratchet is right in the middle of the Barrens. Or at least, it used to be. The map show us that the Barrens are split up by a huge canyon. Like I said in a previous post, I’ve been dying to see what happend there.

So I quickly did most of the quests in STV, and took the boat to the Barrens.

Good to see the two bankers are still present in Rachet.

They really weren’t kidding when they said canyon, did they? Damn that thing is huge …

A sight you don’t expect to see in the middle of the Barrens. Those Druid guys are trying something …

I really enjoyed my time at the Barrens. Even the Crossroads was still present. And I also had the opportunity to get up to speed with my herbalism skill. My very first character (vanilla WOW) was a Tauren shaman. Got him up to level 60 and retired the old cow. The Shaman is, in my opinion, a great tool, only a bit dull to play. I missed real melee abilities to use. Maybe that changed now, no idea, but I can’t bring myself to roll a Shaman anymore.

Then, for some reason I cannot recall, I wanted to go the the Western Plaguelands. Guess I had a good time there. Although that seems odd. Have you ever been there? Undead, rotting, smelly corpses and ooze everywhere. They don’t call it the plaguelands for nothing.

But once I have something on my mind, forget it … it’s going to be done!

WPL hasn’t changed that much. A lot of quests have been downgraded.
Still, there are a couple of cool ‘tough’ guys to kill.

You get to see the Alliance and Horde ‘work’ together for a little while against the Scourge.

Here I had to ‘distract’ an enemy while the questgiver wacked it with a big sword.
“Sure” I said, “I can do that”.

Among all this magic and mayhem, the following happened. Level 40! Ding ding! (do peopel still say that these days?)

Almost 60 :). I really want to see the new content.
Unfortunately, this means having to go through Outlands (bleh) and Northrend.

Still in Western Plaguelands. The cauldron quest is still there.

There it is.
Only 19 levels to go and I’m ready for the Outlands. And that scares the living sh*t out of me, because Outlands (TBC) was the reason I stopped playing in the first place.

I read somewhere that XP has been buffed in Outlands and Northrend. I hope so. I really do. I’m not planning on spending to much time there.


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