World of Warcraft: Dog Day Afternoon part1

So much joy when you have a day off at work.
There’s questing, instancing, questing, exploring, some more questing and finally, you get to explore some more.

A hard days work, and I’ve rocketed to level 29. Actually, rocketed is a bit overkill. Quests give plenty of experience, and god knows there are quests enough out there. Without even trying, you will level like a train on speed.

Where have my travels brought me?

I stopped the last post at Ashenvale. The Elven woodlands territory. Lots of shiny trees and bushes. I don’t really remember spending an awful lot of time in Ashenvale in the old days. You did the quests there, because they were mainly an easy way to get XP fast. Because of this, I decided to head over to the other island, that is Eastern Kingdoms. Also, because somewhere I picked up a quest to head over to Stormwind City, and talk to this mysterious rogue trainerguy, who would tell me something supersecret, and give me a blue dagger as a reward.

Yay, daggers that are blue. Who doens’t love those?
Easier said than done. Now to get to Stormwind without having to do it on foot. A lot of flightpaths have disappeared, and the whole alliance travelsystem is kinda new to me (previous Horde guy here). Anyway, I managed to get on a boat somewhere that brought me right on the doorstep of Stormwind City. Good for me.

Turned out the supersecreyrogueguy wanted me to go to Shadow Fang Keep, a dungeon in the middle of Horde territory (Silverpine Forest). At least, that’s how it used to be. A quick glance at the map told me I had to cross the Wetlands, then Arathi Highlands, then Hillsbrad Foothills, and finally to the dungeon. One thing was for sure, it was going to be a long long walk.

Yeah, the dungeon finder is new to me …
But I wanted the flightpaths anyway, and to pay a visit to the Wetlands. So onwards it was. To Shadow Fang Keep!

During my travels I crossed the Wetlands and I must say, I liked what I saw. Not to many changes, but an easier layout and questhubs that are close together.

The Alliance harbor at the Wetlands is also not what it used to be. Someone sure had a party here, and forgot to clean up afterwards.
Questing at the shores of the Wetlands. It’s good to know some things don’t change.
We all need a yellow subm…
Quests that involve the killing of raptors. Why not? There’s plenty of them anyway.

Unfortunately, I found out the hard way that Southshore is no longer an Alliance town. It has been ravaged. Forsaken everywhere, green ooze and terrible things. Where is my flightpath guys? Note to self, no more autorunning semi-unattended. Those Forsaken guards hit pretty hard …

Extra! Extra! Southshore no longer where you thought it was. Great. Now you tell me …

I thought it was Dalaran, but then I remembered. Dalaran got swapped with WotLK. Then what is this?

After many moons of travel, I got to Hillsbrad foothills. Alas no flightpath there for the Alliance …

After my first run of Shadow Fang Keep, which went pretty fast and easy thanks to a high level friend, I decided to do all the quests at the Wetlands. And a good decision it was. Easypie quests and mucho XP to be earned. Yay for the Wetlands.

And let me tell you about my favorite Rogue ability! Cheap shot offcourse! Attack anything from stealth and incapacitate them for several seconds. Don’t you leave home without it. I hardly ever use Ambush anymore.

When all was done in the Wetlands, I headed up to the Arathi Highlands. Refugee Pointe is the Alliance headquarters there. Never really been a fan of the Arathi zone. To big for my taste, not many eyecatchers. Did some minor quests there, and then remembered, I still have to go through Ashenvale. So back to Ashenvale it was! Granted, a lot of quests are below my level now, but that doens’t mean easy XP is not worthy of my attention.

It is a shame that the earlier story, that is the background of the Worgen race etc doesn’t really come up much in the different zone. It’s pretty much a lot of kill this kill that repeat same old stuff it used to be before. Sometimes you come across a great questhub, but often, just the same …

Some dude that needs to be killed. I admit, nothing really worth mentioning. A lot of the quests get like this, kill x kill y.

Ashenvale also redesigned. The Horde and Alliance really don’t like eachother anymore.

What’s next to come?
Finish up in Ashenvale and head out to the Barrens. And I can’t wait to see the Barrens. The map shows me that it is now split up in north and south. Why? Who knows? But I’m sure gonna find out soon.

Then I’m not really sure. Maybe finish Arathi Highlands. And do some dungeons. Have to learn the dungeon finder anyway …


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