No news is good news, unless it’s about COD Black Ops

Still no news about the COD Black Ops problems for the Playstation3 community. Lots of rants from gamers all over, but no real respons from Treyarch, other than a small notice in the upcoming patch.

“Investigating PS3 hard freeze reported to happen for a small number of users in multiplayer”

Geez, a small number of users … That’s a kick in the balls.
I’m having this issue, my brother has it, our cousin has it and the 4 other people I have in my friends list that own COD:BO are having this issue.

So basically everyone I know that plays COD:BO, even though it’s not many, are having the same problems.I guess we’re all shit out of luck then. You see, if I win the lottery this week, my brother also wins it in the same week and my cousin, guess what, also wins it, and to finish up 4 other people I know also win in the same week, is it okay to start asking questions? Could something have gone wrong?

But not in this case. Nope, just shit out of luck.


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