Call of Duty Black Ops PS3 really worth it?

A question worth answering.

You see, I’ve never played a Call of Duty game on a console before. I loved the very first Call of Duty game, on the PC and I loved the first expansion, United Offensive, on the PC. Played it hours on end, multiplayer that is. Now that I mention it, I don’t believe I ever layed hands on the singleplayer campain before.

Then the milking began, and I never really looked back.

Here we are, years later, with Black Ops for the Playstation 3. Again, not really that interested in the singleplayer experience. It’s all about the online thing baby!

Day 1: My first online gaming experience did not bode well. Lots of lag, disconnects and hosts that give up on you in the middle of a match. Not very fun indeed. A little check on the interwebs made me realise I’m not alone, thank god.

Day 2: Patch day! I did notice a reduction in lag,  which made the gaming experience a whole lot better. Unfortunately, still a lot of hosts that ‘fail’ in the middle of a session, but I’m sure that will be worked out in the near future.

Overall, a rather fun experience.
Gameplay is very fast which I hated at first, but I’m slowely becoming a believer. No longer do you scroll from house to house, from cover to cover so you can be shot in the head by some player sniping from the other side of the map. Damn I really hate that.

In COD:BO, you kill and get killed, a lot. Which is okay I guess.

The unlocks are plenty available, and pretty easy to get. The currency needed to ‘buy’ unlocks is also easy to come by. My favorite gamemode at the moment is demolition. Three different spots to capture and hold.


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