It’s been a while …

… Since my last post. This happens every couple of months. Life catches up with me and things start to collapse :).

Where to begin?

I’m still playing Star Wars Galaxies, at a very relaxed pace. Again I changed my character template, this time from Commando to BeastMaster/Medic. I was a bit scared how the BM/Medic combo was going to work out, but it turned out to be a real winner. So much power.

Star Wars Galaxies

I liked Commando. Big guns, lots of explosions, grenades, mines … the whole nine yards. But without a decent block build it was not very effective. At least, not for me.

You see, I needed a solo-friendly build that would allow me to tackle most of the content (besides heroics and stuff) on my own. And Beast Master sure allows you to do that. I got myself a Slicing Hound, which is a DPS pet. Leveling the pet went pretty easy with the daily 10 terminal missions.

I don’t even need to be fully buffed to tackle a golden Nighsister. Talk about fun playing solo :). I know I know, I’m playing a massive multiplayer game. But let me remind you that I play during EU hours on a US server. This means, pretty barren at times.

Also, I’m almost done Reverse Engineering my new Medic armor suit, which will be a mix off AGI, LCK and CON/PRE. The changes they made to the RE’ing process made it a lot easier to get a maxed suit of 35’s.

The latest content updates, being the Nightsister prologue and the Rare Loot are nice, although I still have to find my first rare loot item.

Playstation 3

I downloaded Deathspank from the PSN, and I’m really loving it. The graphics, the sound, the crazy over the top voice-overs. It makes a fun game. Sure the game is very linear, but it’s a great ride. Very recommended if you’re looking for something easy and entertaining.

Call of Duty Black Ops is out and I had the chance to play it with my brothers. He had to buy a new PS3 system the other day, and he got himself CoD:BO along with it. We played a lot during the last couple of days. Remarkable so, we played splitscreen online against other players. Very cool. The first time I’ve seen this in a PS3 online game. Two people, splitscreen, getting at it online.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not crazy about the online play. The gameplay is so fast at times it’s crazy. Not alot of tactics involved. Or maybe I’m just getting old. But my brother agrees on this one, which probably means we’re both getting old. I guess CounterStrike 1.3 is long gone by now. But we like to think back to our ‘glory’ days.


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