Star Wars Galaxies and the funtrain keeps going

Yeah that’s right. Star Wars Galaxies has never been more fun (overdramatizing to get your attention).

I’ve (again) decided for a profession change. What again? Yep, I went from Smuggler to Medic to Commando. Phew, that’s a plenty. Don’t you hate it when that happens? Well I blame it on my ADD.

Smuggler is a cool class. You play an iconic character, you get to run around with a pistol. You can even whip people with it, I mean talk about epic. But then again you are a special kinda breed. And I mean that literally. You don’t find that many smugglers out there (for some reason I don’t yet understand). Join a heroic group, and mentioning the fact you’re a smuggler often get the “Oh ok cool I guess” response.

So I went medic. My buddy plays a Jedi (like 80% on the server), and he is still doing his holocron (Sith 4/5 waistpack) grind. So that means lots of golden elites to kill. So I said to myself, lets try medic, heal a bit here and there. And yes, medic is cool. You get to heal others, which is fun if you’re into that and everything. But also like the smuggler, you’re a special kinda breed, because medics are also a rarity at times.

But unfortunately for me, medic gets boring after a while. Playing solo as a medic means killing stuff slooooooow. Very sloooooow.

That meant back to commando. Because I had some nifty commando stuff in the attic, and because it’s a fun class. You get access to heavy weapons and stuff (flamethrowers, acid launchers …), so that means lots of explosive gameplay.

So here I am today. Walking, asskicking Mando Commando. Yeeha me. Did I mention I got my hands on the Frontman’s heroic jewelry set? Yep, fun garanteed. And not to mention the modded +35 armorsuit :). Nothing like the free market in Star Wars Galaxies.

So what have I been up to?

Rebel themepark in action. This has been on my todo list for a long time. Finally been able to finish up the quests.

Rebel themepark finished. Luke Skywalker is telling me what an awesome dude I am. And I even got a rebel flag. Yay the Rebellion.

Rebel themepark badge. I always tell the truth.

Droid Collection Quota (Space). I’m slowely becoming a fan of space-adventures in SWG. And you get a cool vizor reward for finishing this collection. I still need a decent amount of space XP to get to Master Pilot, so this collection will certainly provide that.

Nym’s themepark. Decided to finish this because of the rewards you get (rug, banner, schematic etc … The quests you have to do in this themepark are extremely boring. I just shot myself through all the quests, didn’t even read a single questlog. Booooring, but decent loot and rewards.

2 thoughts on “Star Wars Galaxies and the funtrain keeps going

  1. Are you still playing? Stumbled onto your site via a comment on Massively. Like your swg related posts man. And love the UI layout you use. Hopping in game now to duplicate it. I'm reachable at my name w/ no spaces, at gmail.

  2. Yeah I'm still playing. Been very busy at the moment. The girlfriend and I just bought a house together, and it's taking up a lot of spare time getting everything sorted out and stuff.

    I've been neglecting my blog a bit, sadly … 😦

    Thanks for the comment though. Just checked out your blog as well. Sorry to hear you are burned with SWG at the moment.

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