Star Wars Galaxies and hitting a wall

You reach a certain point in the game when you become dependant on others. Now this is not a bad thing per sé, after all you are playing a massive multiplayer game, but for a solo-bird like myself, it feels like hitting a brick wall.

Because, at a certain point, you need to upgrade your gear. That is, getting all those +35 mods on your shiny armor. That requires either a lot of credits, or access to guildmates that are proficient in the Reverse Engineering skill and are willing to help you out, or another trader character to do all this yourself.

Like I said, I’m a solo-bird, meaning I don’t have access to guildresources. I’m also new (back) to the game, so no millions of credits for me. I did however start selling a bunch of veteran rewards to cash-up my character. But I’m afraid that’s not going to cover much when it comes to purchasing the RE components.

Getting my trader character up and running and start Reverse Engineering everything myself is a long and painfull process. Doable, but fun? I dunno.

Last there is the heroic jewelery that is pretty much mandatory if you want to do anything endgame-wise or plan to solo a lot. Again, the recent changes made them tradable, but without sufficient funds this is a no-go option.
That pretty much means, doing the heroic instances to get the necessary tokens and purchase them myself. Did I mention I’m not that thrilled about that? I find the combat in SWG to chaotic and difficult (because of the awful UI & targetting mechanisms).

I relocated my residence to Tantooine near Mos Eisley. Sure it’s a bit rough, but it’s the place to be these days.

Checking out Mos Eisley.

Also, and I’ve mentioned this before, playing during EU times is pretty frustrating. The servers are US based, therefore often barren (or low populated) during my playhours.

I’ve also changed profession from smuggler to medic. The couple of times I did join other people to get something done, the Deathtroopers zone on Dathomir for example, it was pretty clear that good healing medics are a dying breed. In a group of 7 people, you can usually find 5 jedi, a commando and a medic that, for some reason, needs to be the first to start shooting at bunch of zombies, resulting in an early demise, leaving the group without … guess what … a healing guy.

The infested place on Dathomir. Make no mistake, these zombies will eat you for lunch and not feel bad about it!

Waiting to get to survivor nr. 3. We never got to him. The clone centre near the Quarantine OP works just fine, I can tell you that much.

Anyway, I’m puzzled to find out if the profession change can spice up my play. I really enjoy playing the Smuggler class. Some cool specials (pistol whip!) and the fact that smugglers are not that common for some reason. It’s all Jedi, Commando and Spy.

If the brick wall feeling gets any stronger, I’m afraid my SWG return was of short nature.

A little sidenews. Finished two collections.

The feng shui pitch and roll collection. Now I can really decorate my house, wii.

Completed the shelving techniques collection. More itemspace is always welcome.

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