Stop hotfixing dammit

Arghh, why do they do this on a dude’s day off? Get them servers back up and running. Actually I don’t think it’s looking good. For some reason, all the servers are listed as down.

So I guess that means the “hotfix” was not that successfull?
Why does it need to be a hotfix? Isn’t a hotfix to be used when you have to fix something really urgent, as in ‘If we don’t hotfix that right now, the servers might explode and zombies will take over the world!’.

What did we learn? Don’t hotfix shit when it’s not needed.
For all the fun I’m having right now in Galaxies, SOE still has the ability to piss me off.

Oh well, back for some oldschool screenshots of Star Wars Galaxies (before the CU).

Waiting in line for a doctor-buff. That was pretty common those days.
A Jedi buddy of mine wacking birds. Those were the days Jedi still wore regular armor.
Me (Tyruss), my brother (Anu’Chi) and a Jedi buddy on Dathomir grinding mobs. Notice the pretty lightning bolts? Sweet.
Instancing in the old days. Chaotic and spammy. Euhm, pretty much like it is now?
The early days when Jedi grew in numbers and were able to show off in public. The day it all went to hell?
Hunting on Rancors was one of my favorite hobbies. Thank goodness they are so easy to spot …

Anyway, those were the old days, long gone by now. Check more screens on my Flickr set page.


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