Other MMO’s on the horizon (ones that don’t have maintenance three times a week)

Lots of emotions going around in the Lord of the Rings Online MMO-sphere. They recently announced a move to the free-to-play model. As in, the game is freely available to everyone, with a cash-shop and VIP membership rewards.

They must be pretty desperate to switch their entire game around. I played LOTRO for some time on and off. It’s a world that you can get lost in. But I never really got in to it. And I guess most people haven’t. So this change is a move to get more people in the game, and get cash somewhere else. It worked for DDO, but I’m not that optimistic for LOTRO.

Star Trek Online is catching my attention. I’ve read a lot of mixed opinions about the game, so I’m going to try the free trial soon. It has phasers, and spaceships, so it’s bound to have some coolness.

Guild Wars 2 is looking better and better. Can’t wait for it to hit the shelves.


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