Back to the roots (Star Wars Galaxies)

Funniest things happened the other day. I resubscribed to Star Wars Galaxies. Reason? Ultimate boredom in gaming-land for me. I had very high hopes for Read Dead Redemption (PS3), but it just can’t deliver in my opinion.

Nothing much going on in the massively multiplayer section either. Star Wars The Old Republic from Bioware is still in the making, and by the looks of it, it’s going to be a huge themepark. I’m not so sure about the persistent part of the game. And they are not helping either by keeping a tight lit on everything :).

Guild Wars 2 is looking better and better. But again, something for the distant future.

So that is when Star Wars Galaxies crept into my mind.
The game is so different than what it used to be. The NGE made sure of that. I can’t really say much about the CU or the NGE, because I quit the game a little before it hit the servers.

But I can tell you this, it’s not all bad. Not the way people make it seem. Sure it must have been a bomb to everyone still playing the game, but I’m actually enjoying myself ingame.

The bad:

  • Low activity on the server (at least during EU prime time hours)
  • Buff-mania (it feels that everything combat-related is linked to getting as many buffs as humanly possible)
  • Combat to fast-paced (I enjoyed the old system, where you could queue specials etc … This new system is spamheavy and to many mobs are linked together)
  • Targetting is a bitch (Which is related to my previous point)
  • PvP is impossible without a gazillion buffs
  • Less options to picking a class (the old system allowed for great diversity, which was awesome)

The good:

  • A lot more stuff to do. Lots of cool(er) quests, rewards and collections to go after
  • Still a friendly community. Lots of people like to help out newbies and returning vets
  • Star Wars feeling is overall present. Rebel vs Imperial always possible (PvE and PvP)
  • Less options to picking a class (yes I noted that good and bad. It’s good because it better defined this way. You’re not feeling that gimped as a gun wielding smuggler anymore)
  • Instances! Great addition to the game.

As you can see, in general, I like the way SWG turned out to be. It’s not the game I remember, but it’s a game that in due time, will earn the same kind of fondness and fuzzy warm memories I have for the old SWG.

So what’s the gameplan?

Get my smuggler (main) character up to speed. That means a full modded armorsuit (+35 mods and exotics). Getting my hands on all the necessary powerups. Finishing up important quests on Mustafar for the rewards (buff crystals and injectors etc). Doing the smuggler missions to get to tier 5 and access to pistol modifiers.

Getting my trader alt to cl90. Building a fleet of harvesters and start making credits. Learn all that’s needed to start RE’ing stuff on my own. Get a modded suit (Luck & RE chance).


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