Playstation 3 what’s to come?

A bit slow lately on the PS3 side of gaming.
I finished Borderlands the other day. I believe it was the first game in years I actually finshed, so that has to count for something right? Great game, great stuff, I think I’ll do the downloadable content soon.

Also working on Just Cause 2, but that’s slowing down. It’s a cool game, but the story and all is a bit sluggish, and after blowing up bases and towns for over an hour you kinda have the feeling “Been there done that”.

So what is there to look forward to?


The above video looks ok. It reminds of God of War, Dante’s Inferno … type of game.

Red Dead Redemption

A game worth waiting for. From the dudes that gave us the game that put the PS in the spotlights. I’m talking about Rockstar Games dude! Check out all the stuff that RDR is going to bring. Looks very promising.

Medal of Honor

A possible Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield BC2 contender? I believe so. If they can nail the multiplayer, and have enough achievement content, we could possibly see a future PSN content game here.

Dead Space 2

I played the dismemberment demo from the PSN the other day, and is it me, or it that demo the worst possible way to introduce your game to the public? I mean, there’s no epicness what so ever in the demo. Very blahh. I put the video above because I actually like the setting. I’m a Doom fan here people. But not going to give my money on DS. Sorry.

All Points Bulletin

Not sure what to think of this game. it’s kinda like GTA, but not really. You’ve got good guys and bad guys. You run / drive around in a city, and shoot stuff. Did you hear about the pricing policy they want to use for this game? You’re going to pay for game-time. Like 8 euros will buy you 50 hours of playtime, and like dude, that is pretty weird.

Final Fantasy XIII

Oh the flashbacks …
I remember playing a FF game on the PS long ago. With my brother. Oh how we liked that game. Don’t ask me what Final Fantasy game it was though. Was it 7? Or 8? Jesus, what’s with the numbers people. But I have to be honest, this game looks great, it’s just I have no idea what it is all about. I see anime people, and there’s spells, and monsters. So I guess it’s like 7 or 8?

That’s it for the Playstation 3.

Did I mention I’m thinking of starting World of Warcraft again? With my brother? Yeah I know, I’m an idiot.


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