Memoires of a professional MMO hopper.

Some recycled content from my old self-hosted blog.

“How come I keep switching one MMO for another and then back again? It’s funny, but when I start to reflect on this I realise it’s something ever present in my MMO history.

If I had to describe my MMO playstyle it would definately be something like this:

Compulsive MMO hopper.

The other day I commented on The Ancient Gaming Noob’s blog, something about EVE Online, and I actually thought about giving EVE a shot. Again, I’m MMO hopping.

My past 2 years:

World of Warcraft –> Lord of the Rings Online –> World of Warcraft BC –> Star Wars Galaxies (post NGE) –> World of Warcraft BC –> Age of Conan –> World of Warcraft BC –> Warhammer Online –> World of Warcraft Lich King –> Warhammer Online.

That’s extreme! Even now, when I’m staring at the list myself, I’m kinda in shock. What’s this all about? Why do I keep jumping from one game to another?


There is one constant thing in the list, World of Warcraft. The others are what? A diversion?

LOTRO was a spur of the moment thing. I saw the game in action with a friend of mine, and was impressed with the general picture. But in the end it couldn’t hold my interest. That happens.

The return to SWG (post NGE) was for pure nostalgic reasons. I have very fond memories of the old SWG game. You know, the one with no ‘real’ classes. The one where you could ‘build’ your character the way you wanted. So like I said, pure nostalgia. I wanted to see what SWG was like after all that time.

Age of Conan is on the list because I got all hyped up by Funcom. Oh the promises … To be honest, I never even finished the 30 days ‘free’ gametime you get when you purchase the box.

So that leaves us with World of Warcraft and Warhammer Online.

World of Warcraft … possibly the coolest thing ever. Bold statement? But I somehow mean it. Man I made a lot of friends in that game and man I had the coolest times a MMO has to offer.

Why? Because I played the game with a lot of personal, real-life friends. Hanging out on teamspeak, instancing and questing together. Yea I miss that. Most of them stopped playing the game a little after TBC. Others went real die-hard on me, to a place I could not follow. I’m casual now.

I believe that’s why I keep going back to WOW. Not because it ‘is’ the best game ever, but because I had the best times ever. I resubbed a couple of weeks ago after giving the 10 day free trial a go, but I haven’t logged on for over a week. Reality checked in, it’s more of a geargrind than ever. And like I said, I’m so not up to that at the moment.

Lastly, Warhammer Online.
This one, …, this one is tricky. I know I sometimes sound negatively about the game. Lord knows I hate the PvE part of the game with all my heart. Lord knows I hate pugging in the game.

But in its core, it remains a cool game. Needs a lot of polishing and tweaking yes, but Mythic really has a raw diamond in its hands. If only they would step up to the plate and f*cking home-run the bastard.

Ow, did I mention I dropped my eye on EVE Online?


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