Five reasons not to buy a Nokia smartphone (5800 Xpressmusic)

1. The OVI platform / store sucks beyond comparison
So you can register at the Nokia site for stuff, you can register at the Ovi site for stuff, then you can register you phone-app to get access to the Ovi store … How about one login to access all that crap?

2. The OVI PC suite sucks beyond comparison.
Installing this app takes about forever, and offcourse a quick look under the hood reveals some stuff you didn’t ask for. Will companies never learn?

3. The OVI PC suite is slow as hell (Acer laptop intel core duo 2 ghz, 4 GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce 9600M GS)
No need to elaborate on this, do a search on Google, or even the Nokia forums, and you’ll find lots of complaints about this.

4. The OVI PC suite is to freakin’ complex. Hello simplicity???
Adding music takes about 700 clicks and even then my freakin’ playlist won’t update proper. Sync, update and make control maps … euhm what? How about click and update?? I’m not a computer evangelist, nor am I a complete newbie, but this piece of software needs either a manual or a Nokia engineer sitting next to you to explain things.

5. The OVI PC suite takes up to much power.
Hidden NokiaMServer.exe hogging resource power when idle and shit …
This is the one that made me uninstall it after an hour. Why the hidden crap I did not ask for?

The hidden NokiaMServer.exe file that takes up lots of RAM

Notice my complete and utter disgust at the new Ovi PC Suite 2 I just downloaded and installed? What a complete waste. How in the name of god can you justify crap like this?

A quick glance at Google about the hidden NokiaMServer.exe file

Fuck Nokia. Never. Again.
No complaints about the phone in general. It works like it should. It could use some tinkering and simplifying, but it’s decent. The PC software on the other hand, complete and utter waist of internet-space.

Next time I’m bitching about Apple’s pricing policy, I’ll remember this post.


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