MAG Playstation3 review. After a couple of weeks playtime

The best way to tell if a game lives up to its potential is to review it after a couple of weeks of play (maybe even months?). That way the honeymoon is over and you really get to know the game and its flaws.

To get things started, MAG is an OK game.
But like any OK game, it could have been a great game.

MAG is online play only. There is no singleplayer campain, no story, nothing. Create an avatar, log in, and kill other players. That’s it.

Sounds pretty straightforward no?
To keep things interesting, you start as a newbie. Level 1, standard equipment … Kill people, heal and revive teammates, conquer and defend objectives to earn experience and level your trooper. More XP means access to better weapons and gear.

Great way to keep a man playing and keep the game interesting. Or not?

You see, I find myself playing MAG less and less.
The biggest problem I have at the moment is the lack of maps in the different game-modes and the complete lack of a decent community.

You see, there’s the sabotage-mode and the domination-mode. Both have you either attacking or defending objectives, the only difference being the number of players involved (sabotage is 64vs64, and domination is 128vs128). There are two other game-modes, but they suck monkeyballs, so I’m not going to mention them here.

There are three factions to choose from, the russians, the euros and the yankies. Nothing to fancy, just different looks and different weapons. All three factions have, in every game-mode, a map that is their homebase. This is your defend map.

In order to spice things up, you sometimes defend your homebase, or you attack the other factions base.

After a couple of weeks play, I’m pretty fed up with some maps (most actually), and I find myself constantly playing my defend map in sabotage mode. Why, because I know that map like the back of my hand, and earning XP in a defend map is way easier.

Also, the domination mode really doesn’t do it for me, unless you’re playing with clanmates. Believe me when I say that these maps are freakin’ big, and they have a massive feel that makes you feel like a puny little soldier. Playing this solo is really boring. In a way it does capture the massiveness of war, if we can say such a thing about a videogame, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay.

Domination mode is what I call ADHD mode. So much going on, constant explosions all around you. Armored vehicles constantly driving around. It really bores the living crap out of me.

The graphics are not that impressive, but they work for me. You often have to play with people from the entire world in your squad, so lag is a real issue here. So in order to cut down on everything that might have an impact on latency and issues, graphical magic was thrown overboard.

And that’s a good thing, because I have yet to experience real lag in MAG. I’ve played with people from the US and people from Japan in my squad, so all in all, really impressive.

The XP and levelling thing is ok as well. Think Call of Duty MW.
Unlock new weapons and abilities, get more power at your fingertips. Works pretty well.

Again, like in any online shooter these days, there’s the sniper class that is way overpowered. The sniperclass has access to a super-sniper-rifle (canon??) that can pretty much one-shot kill players. Very annoying. I have that with most shooters that have a sniper class. They kinda ruin the game for me. Remember that MAG has lots of big open maps with lots of running.

What, snipers represent real-life combat blabla ?? This is a game, not a real-life combat situation. Game = fun, war = really not that much fun!

The online experience is where it hurts the most in my opinion.

Take my advice, and find some people to play this game with. Friends, clanmates, whatever… because in general, the PS community, and by that I mean the people you come across when playing online games on the PSN, are some of the worst, l€€t-speaking, verbally aggressive, retarded, stupid lowlifes I have come across in my 20 years of online gaming.

Really, if Sony decides to charge a subscription fee to access the PSN and play games online, I’ll be the first to throw a party.


+ Massive warfare (if that’s your thing)
+ No lag
+ Designed for teamplay
+ Cool classes and unlocks

– Community is horrible
– You have to play with random people from the PSN
– To few maps = boooring
– Unbalanced maps = boooring
– To many snipers = boooring
– You really need friends / clan to play with


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