Karen Traviss and (no more) Star Wars

I’ve only recently finished her latest novel Imperial Commando 501th, and I pretty much liked it. It makes you eager for the last (and final) part. What will Skirata do to make it all work? Will Darman ever get to see his kid? What about all the Jedi on Mandalore?

I knew that she was going to stop writing Star Wars novels after she finished the Imperial Commando sequel, that was scheduled early 2010. Why? Because the Lucas-machine decided to change a bunch of stuff regarding the Star Wars universe, thanks to the new Bountyhunter / Fett TV cartoon show (that is following the Clone Wars TV cartoon show).

As of those changes, Mandalorians are a peace-loving people. Forget about the rude, nomadic, bad-ass, ass-kicking mercs. Nope, their got rid of their old ways and made peace with the universe … or something like that.

Obviously that really messed up the timeline and background of all the previous Commando novels. Mandalorians are a bunch of badass mofo’s, and that’s how they should be.

But what can you do?
Nothing. It’s the way the people at Lucas want to run the show; and it’s their show.

But as of late december, Karen Traviss decided to back down from the scheduled sequel of Imperial Commando 501th.

From her blog:

“Yes, for once a rumour is actually true; I’ve withdrawn from the sequel to Imperial Commando 501st, which was going to be my final Star Wars novel. I had issues over contractual matters and working practices that still showed no signs of being resolvable after a couple of years, so I told the publisher that I would not be doing the book.”

Auch, that really hurt.
Just like that. No … sequel … to … Imperial … Commando …
Will … Darman … ever … see … his … kid … ?

That leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
I’m sure she has her reasons. Changes like these are a kick in the balls. It makes you wonder what the hell LA is doing. But then again Star Wars is a commercial product, and the franchise needs “revitalizing” in order to appeal to a new, young audience. And we can’t have ruthless Mandalorians in it.

She has a couple of blog-posts up, trying to explain things.
She does a half baked job, really.

I don’t want to know you have NO emotional investment in your books / characters. I don’t want to know you consider your books to be “just a living”.

What I do care is the fact I have five books on my shelf, with an emotional and financial investment attached, without the prospect of a decent ending / conclusion in the immediate future.

I totally get what you say though. LA must have pissed you off big time. And you have every right to flip them the bird. But what about all those Commando books on people’s shelves Karen?

Quote from karentraviss.typepad.com:

“So stick with me on my continuing journey in other universes, both tie-in and creator-owned, and I can guarantee you an action-packed ride with plenty of characters to get absorbed in.”

I changed it for you:

“So stick with me on my continuing journey in other universes, both tie-in and creator-owned, and I can guarantee you an action-packed ride with plenty of characters to get absorbed in. Until something stupid happens I really don’t like and will take a shitload of effort on my part to get around. Then you can suck monkeyballs for all I care.”


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