for the first and last time

Today is one of those days you’re happily awaiting a release of a game. In particular, a PS3 game named Just Cause 2.
A while ago I decided to get my hands on the limited edition, because of the little extra perks. Some cool weapons, gear etc … just some fun stuff.

Because I played the demo and liked it very much I wanted my hands on the game right away. So I pre-ordered it at, a Belgian branch of stores & webshop specializing in games. One of the things I know from experience (and you as well) is that if you want a game at release date, and you want to buy it somewhere close, you have to pay more.

Webshops like and are at times very cheap, but then you have to wait a couple of days more for your game to arrive. In this case, I wanted the game right away, so that extra cost I knew I had to pay was worth it. Or so I thought.

random fotos 010
Notice the pricing? That’s shipping included!

A little background information. Gamemania is a relative well-know brand here. So you’d expect competitive prices. If you take a look at their website, you’ll notice very little pricing. On purpose I assume now.

Upon heading to the store to pick up my pre-order, I decided to take a quick look at two competitors of Gamemania, namely Mediamarkt and Bart Smith. Mediamarkt is a big multimedia / electronics store, with a small emphasis on games. Bart Smith is a chain of general toy stores, also with a small emphasis on games.

Mediamarkt only had the regular edition of the game on stock, priced at 51.99 euros. Bart Smith had both editions on stock, priced 59.99 euros. Pretty “normal” prices I guess. Notice the “” there? It depends on what you think is normal.

random fotos 010
It’s good to be the king ?!

I never ordered / bought at GameMania before. My usual habitat is, the Amazon UK marketplace and the two webshops listed above. But like I said, if you really really want a game at release and you want it from a local gamestore, you have to pay extra.

I really don’t mind, but can you guess the price I payed for Just Cause 2 Limited Edition at Gamemania?

64,98 euros

That’s freakin’ right!
For a shop, that specialises in games. With their core-business being videogames. For a business that’s in one of the most competitive markets know to mankind. G A M E S …

64,98 euros

Lets get one thing straight. It is my fault and my fault alone.

I could have shit my pants in front of the counter and started a rant. I could have asked why in the world a business that focusses solely on videogames has prices higher than a regular toystore? I could have just walked out of the store without paying for it. But I didn’t.

Why? One, I did pre-order it through their website. Two, I have my own bookshop, and I hate it when people order something and then not come and pick it up. And three, it’s my own fault I couldn’t wait a couple of days more and order it online.

So I bought a game at Gamemania, for the first and for the last time.

Dear Gamemania, please don’t consider this to be a rant at your pricing policy. It’s your business and you can do with it as you please. Instead, consider this to be valuable first-hand, ex-customer, can-you-fucking-believe-it feedback.


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