Book review: The Last Colony by John Scalzi

*From my old blog*

And another sci-fi book.
You might have noticed, I really like sci-fi.

Again, this is the conclusion of a series. The Last Colony is book three of John Scalzi. We’re still following John Perry, former super-human soldier, in his retirement. Free from fighting aliens, he’s happy farming away with his new wife and adopted daughter, who by the way is the object of worship of an entire alien race (see book 2 for that).

As usual, sh*t hits the fan and they (Perry and his wife, who’s also a former special-ops trooper) are asked to carry out a dangerous mission. From the publisher:

John Perry has at last found peace in a violent universe, living quietly with his family in one of humanity’s many colonies. It’s a good life, yet there’s something …missing. When John and his wife Jane are asked to lead a new colony world, he jumps at the chance to explore the universe once more. But they soon find out that nothing is what it seems, for his new colony is merely pawns in an interstellar game of war and diplomacy between humanity’s Colonial Union and a new, seemingly unstoppable alien alliance that is dedicated to ending all human colonization. As this contest rages above, Perry struggles to keep his terrified colonists alive in the face of threats both alien and familiar, on a planet yet to reveal its own fatal secrets.

I can tell you right now, I loved and hated the book.
I loved it because it’s entertaining, exciting, full of intrige, excellent written, … in short a damn good sci-fi novel. I hated it because Scalzi claims this is the end of the storyline, no more John Perry.

Do you need to real the two previous titles? Actually, no you don’t. It’s definately a surplus, you get to know where Perry comes from, how he got of planet earth and got drafted into the Colonial Union. Just take my word for it, both titles are as good as this one.

Both previous books were action filled stories, lots of battles, alien races etc … Lost Colony is more a survival story, survival of a colony.

What make these books part of my favorite collection? Scalzi’s trademark of wise-cracking humor, the easy reading it offers, the action, the character depth. A pitty the story has come to an end.


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