The Good (internet), the Bad (virusses/spyware) and the Ugly (protection software).

Unfortunately, we faced yet another crisis here at EGW mannor. My girlfriends laptop had an Avast warning pop-up suddenly. Something about a win32:malware-gen ETUNISER.dll virus/trojan alert.

A search on the internet did not do any good. And a virustotal check was not very helpfull either. The file is now in the Avast chest and staying put, and the laptop is behaving normal. So no worries I guess?

So I decided to take a closer look at McAfee SiteAdvisor, and see if it would be a usefull tool to install on the girlfriends laptop. So I downloaded and installed it on my system (for Firefox). Not really a verdict so far, just the same old you get when you’re installing unknown stuff on a computer.

You see, I also use the no-script addon for Firefox, and after installing the SiteAdvisor plugin, and visiting websites with my Firefox, this little warning comes up every single time thanks to the no-script addon.

The option to allow or temporarily allow something called SACORE.

What’s that all about?
That is what I love about the no-scipt addon. It freakin’ tells you what’s happening behind the scenes. So onwards again, this time to check out this file called SACORE.

And what does the internet tell us?
Not a lot I’m afraid. Some things about a Microsoft Server Appl. Core Web Framework and other things about a possible component of the SiteAdvisor installation. Whats a poor guy to do?


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