VandenBorre and service = Total awesomeness

About ten months ago, my girlfriend and I bought a dishwasher at a local multimedia/electro shop, namely Vandenborre. To those who are not familiar with VDB, it is one of Belgiums bigger electro-stores, with a big emphasis on service.

The last couple of days, the dishwasher was making an awful lot of noise, especially when pumping away the used water. The machine is a Bosch, and it’s called the “SilencePlus”. But, like I said, the silence part was missing the last couple of days.

So we called the people of VDB, and we made an appointment for one of their people to come over and check it out. A couple of days later, this guy shows up, and gives the dishwasher a closer look. Result, according to the mechanic, a broken pump mechanism.
Lucky for us, they are easy to come by, so we only had to wait two days for it to arrive. So we made a new appointment two days later for someone to come by and install the new pump.

Today, another tech-guy (or whatever these guys are called) showed up. He takes a look at the dishwasher, and decides the ‘broken’ pump could use some closer inspection.

And what did he find?

Trapped inside a dishwasher

The plastic wrapping of a medicine.
That little piece of plastic was messing with the pump mechanism, making all those noises. Bummer …

An because this sort of thing isn’t covered by the warranty, I had to pay 50,00 €. But luckiy me, the mechanic called his supervisor, because this should have been spotted by the first tech-guy two days ago. And because of that, I did not have to pay a thing. Service anyone?

Yay Vandenborre!


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