Downloading YouTube videos the safe way

Don’t you just love YouTube?

I listen to YouTube videos (music offcourse duh) as much as I listen to my MP3 collection. But there’s one downside, you always have to get online, and stream the videos over and over.

So to get the videos on your computer is like, totally awesome. But how?
There are countless of “downloaders” available on the internet. But are they safe to use? I don’t know? There’s Orbit Downloader, or the Easy Youtube Video Downloader plugin for Firefox.

Did I ever mention I’m like super-hyper-paranoid about trojans and spyware?

Anyway, I figured there had to be an easier/safer way to get the damn videos on my system without having to rely on unknown software. Then it hit me, what about that other browser installed on my laptop. The one that is installed by default on every Windows machine? What’s it called again? Oh right, Internet Explorer.

So here’s how it goes:

1- Open the page of the video, for example:

2- Let the video stream until the ending. Look at the picture below. The red bar underneath the video indicates the length/position of the frame, a.k.a your’re at the 2nd minute of a 5 minute video. Notice the bright red and soft red difference?

That’s the difference we’re looking for. Make sure the soft red bar is completely loaded (or to say it with a fancy word, fully streamed).

Don’t mind the old dude in the picture.
He’s not much to look at, but he can play the living sh*t out of a guitar.

3- Pause the video if you’re not in the mood to listen to it anymore.

3.bis- Is the soft red bar completely filled (streamed!!)? If yes, continue. If no, be patient.

4- Go to your Internet Explorer temporary internet files folder.

4.1- Click Extra>Internetoptions
4.2- In the tab called general, you’ll see browse history
4.3- Click the setting button
4.4- A new window will open. Click the show files (or folder) button.

5- Voila, you are now in your temporary internet files folder. Locate files that are marked as ‘Video for flash’. These are the videos your ‘streamed’ onto your computer. Because when you are watching a video on the internet, the actual video has to be downloaded (temporarily) onto your computer. But because it is temporarily (streaming!) it is stored in a cache, namely the temporary internet files folder. Phew …

Look for the ‘Video for Flash’ file type.

Now all you have to do is rightclick the file, and copy it to an other location, for example ‘My document>Videos’ or whatever you like.

Voila, you now have a .FLV copy of the video. But what is a .FLV file?
Easy, it’s a flash movie. Now all you need is a flash movie player. I like to use Adobe Media player. It’s easy to use and not to mention safe for your computer.

Enjoy your local YouTube videos!


2 thoughts on “Downloading YouTube videos the safe way

  1. I recommend ATube Catcher, no virus/spyware/etc. Works perfectly, can save as AVI/MPG, or can just save the audio as MP3. Been using for a couple years and no problems. Check it out 🙂

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