Two gripes of the day

First, Ebay feedback. Why can’t people (sellers) leave feedback like they are supposed to? Why do you always have to email them for it? Usually this happens with powersellers. Not completely understandable (I’m a nice guy no?). They have like hundreds of items every single week in their overview, and the layout of Ebay these days is not making it any easier.


And gripe number two, Twitter spam.
I’m just starting with Twitter, and if there’s one thing you notice immediately, it’s the fact that you get lots of followers, right from the start. People/organizations you never even heard of start following you. Why? Who the f*** knows. Probably to get some attention (aka spam).

And to stay on the Twitter topic, don’t you hate it when people you’re following spam the living crap out of you? Take the screenshot below. One person Twittering three to four times an hour. That’s just retarded. Is there actually anyone that is okay with that? Imaging having a hundred people like that in your overview?


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