The Superheroes Bizarro Twitter theme/background

And we’re back again with a new Twitter background template. This time it’s a theme based on superheroes and villains. So lets just call it the ‘Superheroes Bizarro Twitter Theme’ okay?

Always the basics up first. All images remain the property of their respectful owners/creators. I just collected and used them for this collage. Most of the images come from Flickr and some were found using Google image search.

Download the template
(Click all sizes and download the original (1680 by 1050))

Basic information:
The image is 1680 by 1050 pixels. When setting it as the default background in Twitter you should set it to tile. File size is just under the maximum of 800kb.

The design colors:
Sidebar: #ff9933
Sidebar border: #ff8000
Links: #800000
Text: #0a0a0a

This is what the template & design colors look like on a 1440 by 900 resolution

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