Woeps. Damn that internet and its trojans

And lets kick of this post by thanking Avast antivirus on my bare knees. Yesterday, I was casually browsing the web for a network monitor tool. Lots of stuff to be found on Google. I stumbled upon this website (URL broken to prevent someone accidentaly clicking it):


Immediately after clicking the link on Google and loading the site, the Avast scanner popped up.


An Iframe trojan alert. To be more precise, it was HTML:Iframe-JR [Trj]
Again, Avast saved the day by preventing the iframe from loading, and being able to abort the connection. This is the second time in two months this has happened. The other was also an iframe (html:iframe-inf) that Avast prevented from loading.

It’s funny and sad at the same time.
Funny because I’m what you can call a pretty paranoid internet user, and this is like I said the second time in two months. Sad because this is what the internet is heading to. A cesspit of decay.


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