Socom Confrontation on the PS3. Oh my god

Last week I bought the PS3 game Socom: Confrontation for some online adventures. I know the game from its predecessor on the PS2. One of my buddies played this all the time, and he tought it was the best game evah, so …

Now you have to know, I’ve spent basically my entire life as an online PC gaming freak. So to have to swap the old mouse/keyboard combo for a controller is a shock. No wait, that’s not doing it justice. It is an entire new world. If PC gaming is Mars, then PS3 gaming is Venus, or whatever.

Anyway, I viewed some movies and trailers on YouTube, and the game looked okay. It kinda made me think back to my old Counterstrike days (you know, the little game that existed before Valve manhandled it).

So “up and at them” like McBain would say …

The first couple of days were hard. Aiming with a controller in PvE games is sucky at times, aiming in online PvP situations is … well … even suckier.

Also, is it me or is the game missing some very basic features? I mean come on. Why on earth is there no ‘mute all’ function? Why is there no ‘mute all’ by default option? Why is there no ‘mute all but friends/clanmates’ ability?

Dear god, I don’t mind tactical jibberish every now and then, but I don’t want to hear a bunch of 12 year olds talking about Pokemon every second of the game.

So the only option left when you join a lobby is to mute all the players with a mic, over and over again. That’s right, because apparantly the game/system does not store your settings when it comes to this. The guy you muted thirty minutes ago in another channel? Mute him again in this one.

Remember this screen, you’ll be watching it often!

Also, why on earth is there no option to set certain channels as favorites? Why do I have to skim the entire list over and over again to get to my preferred channel? I guess the basic concept of favorites has not yet been introduced in console gaming.

The game itself is blah …
Maybe in clangames tactics are king, but in public games little tactics are involved. It’s Jackie Chan’s Rush Hour every step of the way!

Conclusion / Scoreboard:

  • Online console shooters 1
  • Elderly gimp warrior 0
  • Developers of Socom -1 (for not including a permanent ‘mute all’ function. Shame on you, you lazy bastards!)

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