Again new additions to the collection

Exclusive hunting has never been more fun :-). Four new additions in excellent condition. Two of them are real exclusives from the Power of the Force 2 series (1995-2000), still in their original packaging, mint in box (see below).

The others are a loose Rahm Kota 30th Anniversary figure, and a 1997 Dewback and Sandtrooper special creature set, still in its original box (I opened it carefully for display purposes. The box however is in pristine condition).

I know I said exclusive first, but I couldn’t resist the Rahm Kota and Dewback figures. Anyway here they are:

Oola & Salacious crumb – 1998 fan club exclusive (PotF2)
Kabe & Muftak – 1998 internet exclusive (PotF2)

Rahm Kota – 2008 30th Anniversary collection expanded universe (TFU videogame)

Dewback and Sandtrooper – 1997 Retail special creature set (PotF2)

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