We humans are a weird bunch

Seeing how yesterday started well, this topic won’t make a lot of difference.

My girlfriend and I came home pretty late, and when we were parking our car she spotted something lying at our parking-lot. See image below.


A poor little pigeon that was hurt.
Its tail was bent very awkward, and it was very disoriented. It also kept walking/crawling/stumbling in small circles over and over, holding its head backwards, where it shouldn’t belong.

We didn’t know what happened to it. Did it fly into something? Was it attacked by a cat? However, it was clearly dying.

We stood there, next to it, wondering what to do. It was 10.30pm, so there were no veterinarians on duty. Even if there were, no veterinarian is going to aid a wild pigeon. So that left us with three options.
We could: take it with us and try to take care of it, leave it alone and let nature do its thing, or end the poor animals suffering.

We choose … the second option.

We don’t know anything about birds, leave alone taking care of a wounded one. What can you do? How do you know you’re not putting it through more pain? Plus the fact that wild pigeons are notorious disease carriers, well, that made the first a not so desirable option.

Option number three? To be honest, I’ve never killed an animal in my life. Neither has my girlfriend. I wasn’t very fond of the idea. The only thing I found in the vicinity was a large tile. But the idea of smashing a bird with a 2 kilo tile didn’t quite appeal to me.

So that left us with the most convenient solution, walk away.
Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not feeling bad about this. After all, it was only a pigeon. Sure it was a living being, and you can debate the living shit out of this. But I’m not going to.

What did make me think is this.
Every single day when you put on your television and watch the seven o’clock news, we are being bombarded with images and live videos of warfare, genocide and mass-murder in the name of religion or politics.

What do you do (or at least I do)? You change the channel.
I don’t want to hear about the latest war anymore. I don’t want to know about the latest lunatic in some far-away country that’s going anal because he thinks his religion is better than someone else’s. I don’t want to watch live feeds about the latest 1,000 deaths in some nation’s war. I just don’t care anymore!

But when there’s a dying pigeon on your parking-lot you suddenly face a moral dilemma. Yep, we humans are a weird bunch.


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