Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood. Multiplayer, no mute function?

This is one pretty gem I’m playing lately. Some good old-fashioned fast-paced cowboy action. The singleplayer campain is very fun and engaging. Sure the cutscene and voiceovers remind you of a lowbudget B-movie, but that’s what I think of when you say cowboy movie, so it works for me.

The cool part is the multiplayer, where you can get some western action. No longer will you have to dodge machinegun fire, mortar shells or bazookas. Nope, it’s all sixshooters, rifles and shotguns here. And I love it.

Not to mention the awesome detail and kickass graphics ingame.

Blow it all up baby!

But there’s one thing I’m missing. An ingame mute function to disable the chat from other players. For some reason, I just can find it. Maybe there isn’t one, I don’t freaking know. Can’t find anything in the manual, can’t find anything on the web. Pretty annoying. The only way to get rid of the chatter is by lowering the volume of the speech setting (under options/audio).

A minor thing, but disruptive at times.


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