Star Wars and the inevitable ending

So I already told you I’m a Star Wars fan. Nothing fanatic, no lightsabers hanging from my belt, no Darth Vader masks in my closet. But a collector none the less.

Currently, I’m reading the New Jedi Order series (see a small portion of my bookshelf in the picture below), featuring the Yuuzhan Vong War. A lot has been said and written about the series, an example here from Wookiepedia:

“Timothy Zahn felt the series was too dark and straying from the “feel” of Star Wars.

Randy Stradley, alleged that Del Rey used an invasion idea originating with Dark Horse and took it in directions they did not intend.

Michael Stackpole, just after the publication of his NJO Dark Tide books, when asked what his new BattleTech books would involve, responded, “An alien invasion? No, a thousand times, no.”However, author John Ostrander read and enjoyed the series.

In an interview published in The Unifying Force, Shelly Shapiro, the Editorial Director of Del Rey, expressed some regret over the “grimmer” aspects of the series and the Yuuzhan Vong themselves.”

As for me, I really like the series.
And I love the dark, grimmy, fearsome, constant despair and wartime in it. It’s Star Wars with an attitude. Don’t get me wrong, I like Timothy Zahn’s style and lets say, Karen Traviss. But it’s always so boyscout-like. It’s Star Wars with with pink goggles on. So for now, I’m really enjoying this dark-themed universe. I’ve got 6 novels to go, and then we’re through.

And one of the things I do a lot is read stuff on Wookieepedia. When I come across new characters, factions or whatever, I look them up. One of the downsides of this is you get to know stuff before they happen in the novels, because you’re just not that far in the series.

And when I was browsing Woopieepedia the other day, I came across Luke Skywalker’s page. And near the ending was this:

Auch, that actually hurt.
I know they can’t make the man live forever, and that at some point, he would not be a part of the living world anymore. But I never actually thought about it. That at a certain point, in a certain novel, I will read about Luke Skywalker’s death.

Now I’m actually curious how it happens.
I know Jacen Solo is going to turn out bad. I know Mara Jade is going to, well, you know. I just can’t seem to wrap my head around it. Sure if I wanted to I could look it up right now, google it. But I don’t want to. I want it to hit me like a truck 🙂


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