What a ride the last 14 days have been

Doctors, more doctors, and lots of running around.

And school started again, I’m in my second year of Applied Computer Science, and I’ve taken programming as my major. This means, vb.NET and Java for breakfast. I’m curious how this is going to turn out, last year I got to work with VBA, and I really hated it. I’m no fan of MS Office, and certainly not MS Access.

I got rid of a lot of websites I was handling, and hopefully this will leave me more time and better focus on what’s important.

Also, I got to celebrate my birthday. And thanks to my girlfriend I’m now a happy owner of the Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic. I’m impressed by the phone, it’s easy to use, has lots of options, and works great. However, I’m not happy about the Nokia OVI platform. It is supposed to be like the Apple Iphone shop/platform, where developers and the community can create stuff (applets, themes etc…). Pretty non existent if you ask me, in comparison to the Iphone community. This is where Nokia fails to deliver. Why try and copy when you know it’s never going to happen? Anyway, we’ll see how it goes.


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