The quest for a new phone (smartphone)

My current cellphone is in desperate need for a replacement. It’s a Samsung SGH-X820, and bought it 3 years ago (I think). This time I’m looking for a smartphone.

The new Apple Iphone is looking pretty sweet (so did the older model by the way), but it is freaking expensive, over 600€ !! I’m not a cheap guy, but that’s a little over the top. So my quest for a descent but less expensive smartphone began.

My eye fell upon the Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic.
It looks slick, is a hell of alot cheaper, has loads of features, even stuff the Iphone doesn’t have. Apparantly, the 5800 is called the Iphone-killer a lot of times. I’m not sure if it’s appropriate, and frankly I really don’t care.

But the guys at made a nice little list of why the Nokia 5800 is better than the Iphone. Some of the reasons are:

– The Nokia is smaller in size and weighs less
– The resolution of the Nokia toughscreen is higher (640 by 360 to 480 by 320)
– The possibility to expand your storage capacity
– The Nokia has different inputmethodes (finger, stylus, plectrum and handwriting), the Iphone only has one (finger).
– The Nokia has better camera and video functionality. 3.2 MP, flash, 3x digital zoom with a carl zeiss lens and the option to record videos. The Iphone only has a 2 MP camera and no other functions.

Check out the entire list for more details.
Again, this is e-peen and /flex stuff. But it has similarities with my ‘recent’ laptop purchase. I was contemplating between buying an Apple notebook or an Acer (Vista) notebook. Back on my old blog, I compiled a nice list comparing the two notebooks. And, like we see here, the Acer notebook came out on top, despite a lower price. It has more power and more hardware options.

Anyway, what’s left now is searching for a new subscription for this smartphone. I need casual internet functionality, and my current subscription doesn’t offer this.


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