Star Wars collectables and me

As a Star Wars fan (not the crazy, jedi robes wearing, lightsaber wielding kinda guy) I collect Star Wars figures. There, I said it. I collect Star Wars figures.

Mostly through the wonderful world of Ebay offcourse.

I’ve not been doing this for a very long time. Comics and novels, yes, I pretty much have them all. But figures, no, not so long. It’s only been very recent that I started doing that. To be more precise, for about 3 years now. It started with my girlfriend, who bought me this Star Wars (Original Trilogy Collection – 2004 through 2005) Stormtrooper vintage style figure for me just for fun.

It sat on my desk for quite some time, keeping my desktop safe from rebel scum!

Then I started to remember something. On my parents attic sat an entire box filled with old Star Wars toys and figures. My love for Star Wars goes back a long time. So I went over to claim back what was once my treasure.

Alas …
Apparently my parents decided all that crap on the attic was getting in their way. So on a sunny afternoon, they took all that old ‘crap’ from the attic, and sold it all on some flea market.

All my precious, gone forever. For a mere 0.50 cent a figure!
Now you have to know when I was just a kid, I took care of my belongings. Each and every one of those figures was in pristine condition. The guy that bought all my figures had a great day.

Anyway, my girlfriend suggested rebuilding my empire. Start anew. So I did.

Now the point of this incredibly long post. I came upon this cool post called “The Top Ten Most Valuable Star Wars Figures“. Now I know what to hunt for on Ebay.

My girlfriend says I’m crazy at times. I just point here to this: The biggest star wars collection in the galaxy.


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