League of Legends

Is actually nice to play. I’ve read a lot about the game and never really thought much of it, but yesterday I decided to give it a try and dammit, is it addicting or what. A lot depends about finding the right champion that suits your playstyle, and I think I’ve fond mine (so far).

It’s this weird dude called Heimerdinger. He has an interesting gameplay that involves turrets, rockets and grenades.

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Does Siege of Orgrimmar ruffle your feathers?

Is it a pretty looking designed raid? Yes it is.
Is it a badass looking raid? You bet it is. Going into Orgrimmar and killing them bad orcs that made the Horde look bad throughout the expansion is a fun thing to do.

But it is a freakin’ long raid. So many bosses to kill. So much running to do. So much downtime. Such boring boredom.

I admit, much of my sentiments about SoO is due to the fact I have little time to play during the evening. And after reading Marathals post on how he feels about raiding I had a kind of similar feeling.

Raiding has lost its glory, to me at least.

I loathe the gear chase / grinding thing. I absolutely hate it. Grind gear, get set. Reset. New tier. Repeat. So raiding for gear is a stupid thing to do.
So what’s left? For the progression? The experience? The thrill? Sorry, after 3 expansions of killing the most evil demons and other minions from hell, I just can’t get excited about killing yet another bad evil wannabee. Even if it’s the leader of the Horde.

Add to that the often overload of boem boem on your screen for hours on end, the button spamming, the scrolling combat text on your screen that never ever ends, the nature of healing these days which is spike damage – flat – spike raid damage – avoid stuff – flat – spike damage – procc opportunity – spike – flat … it just doesn’t interest me that much anymore.

I do wonder if Blizzard realizes this. That people have done the raid thing for expansions on end, and that at a certain point, you just stop caring. Or maybe it’s just me.

Warlockery for the win!

So with all that in mind, I kinda had enough of doing SoO LFR, and I’m not that excited about joining a new raid team. Maybe in Warlords of Draenor, if flex will excite me.

So a new character was born. I’ve never really tried a Warlock or a Mage before. And seeing how many cool gizmos Warlocks have I decided to go for a true Master of Doom. That and the fact my brother can educate me on the skill part ;-p

Of course I made an Undead Warlock (Dude what else!) and started in Tirisfal Glades. Where I’m now spending quality time exploring the map and guess what, finding cool new pets to do battle with. Who knows, I might become a true Pokemon master.

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Hunter makes me lazy + new slogan

A very bold statement, but true to the core. Playing a Beast Master Hunter is making me lazy as hell. One, it is so easy to do anything in the game. Two, it is yet another reminder of the unbelievable imbalance between melee and ranged classes. And Hunter is unfortunately one of the prime examples of that.

Again, before you start writing evil emails, I am not implying that all Hunters are lazy no-good easy-class-choosing players. Far from it. But if you are honest about it, then one has to admit to what I’m trying to say here.

I notice this most when I’m out in the world or Timeless Isle hunting for rare mobs to kill. On my slightly undergeared Rogue I have to really pay attention to what I do, when I time interupts or stuns, where I position the fight, what is around me at all times.
On my Hunter, not anymore. Just go in shootin’ and come out lootin’. Hey! That should be the new Hunter slogan!

” Just go in shootin’ and come out lootin’. “

I believe I am on to something here folks!

And it is cool and not cool at the same time. Because I feel it is making me lazy as a player. Then again, when I play my Rogue I can only feel the annoyances of being pulled out of stealth all the time. Argh …

Funny sidenote. When I played my Priest the other day I got a whipser from a random player asking me if I was interested in joining their guild. Due to me being guildless at the moment because of everybody I played with leaving during MOP, I saw no harm in joining this very friendly request. And I missed some guild perks to be honest.
And 2 minutes after joining I was asked to be part of a raid team as a healer. Ha … Kinda funny.

I’m not to sure about joining a raid team. The expansion is near its end, and I kinda fail to see the point in doing the gear chase thing when everything will be reset anyway with the new expansion.
Okay, it might be cool to have the experience, but then again, I’m doing the Siege of Orgrimmar raid in LFR at the moment, and I’m not that convinced about the coolness in normal / flex. Hell, I can’t even remember half of the fights. That’s how memorable they are …

Although, joining a fresh raid team now would be cool when Warlords of Draenor comes out. I’d be part of it, as a healer, and the transition to raiding in WOD will be easier.

Did I mention how I feel about Priest healing lately? I’m sure I did. I did finish the bronze and silver Proving Grounds challenge yesterday on my Priest. I liked it a lot. Bronze went easy, which I did as Discipline. Silver however I had to do in two tries, where I switched to Holy for the extra AOE healing capabilities. Gold will require me to practice a bit more I believe.

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Challenge accepted: Hunter wannabee for life

So my little poke at Hunters and WOW did not go well with particular reader, who challenged me to play it extensively before making any final verdict about it being ‘easy’ or ‘lolz’. And I accepted. What harm can come out of this right?

So I’ve been playing my Troll Hunter exclusively, and I’ve got it ilevel 507. And life has never been easier. Everything just rolls over and dies all the time (drama-alert!). Forget any fathal form of AOE that would insta kill you as a melee character. Because as a Hunter, you need not worry about such details. And to top it of, I’ve been trying out Beastmaster, which is even more sick and fun? Your pet becomes a killing machine with dare I say, excellent AOE capabilities.

Now, I’m not a Hunter wizard by any means, and frankly I have no idea what my supposed DPS should be as a Beastmaster Hunter in a raid. The last raid I did was SOO, and upon fighting General Nazgrim our LFR group wiped a couple of times due to people not switching to the adds fast enough. It was then when raiding heroes started linking recount DPS reports and shiat. I stood on 11th place with a whooping 76k DPS. Now, this fight is a bitch, with a lot of switching and pet here pet there situations. Hey, I was still before the second and third Hunter in the raid group so …
According to Noxxic a BM Hunter with my gear should be able to do 110k DPS. But I’m guessing that is just standing still firing on a boss that doesn’t move or use abilities? I’ve swapped some talents around, maybe that will make a little difference.


Stealthing around on the Isle of Giants. They sure weren’t kidding about the giant part!



The latest raid ‘Siege of Orgrimmar’, going through one of the oldest dungeons in the game, RFC. How cool is that?

My new pet

My new pet from the Isle of Giants. As a Hunter you just have to go there at least once right?

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Gear changes in Warlords of Draenor

A huge topic from Blizzard today explaining more about the new way gear will work in the next expansion. And it truly brings a lot of questions to mind …

One of that questions is the added RNG this system brings to the table:


This dude is correct in a way. Not only will you have to be lucky said item drops, but then you have to be lucky it drops your prefered stat distribution as well.

And then there is this.


So wait … what? They don’t want to keep a flawed gear design? You mean the gear design they had since the beginning? And now all of a sudden it is a flawed system? After 7 years? Well that is one way to sell your argument I guess …

I like the fact gear changes upon switching specs, but the whole stat-distribution and RNG in RNG does sound an awful lot like Diablo 3.

But then you read this:

“GC has even commented a few times about how they want it to make killing Immerseus your 14th time more interesting. Note, they don’t talk about how you will be farming Heroic Garrosh for months looking for that Warforged Socketed Axe with Lifesteal.
They talk about the speedbump boss that you kill every week on your way to real progression having a chance to drop upgrades you care about. THAT is the intention, and that is what should be kept in mind while discussing this.” – quotelink

And that makes sense in a game designer kinda way of thinking I guess …

Maybe we just have to wait and see how it turns out?

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Hunter + pet = lolz

I’ve been running several of my alts through the Timeless Isle just for the lolz, and upon starting it with my Hunter I noticed something pretty annoying. Shit dies easily and fast when you have a pet doing all the hard work. If kinda felt like cheating at a given moment. That same elite mob that hits like a truck if you don’t pay 100% attention just rolls over and dies when you are on a Hunter character. How lame is that?

And it was. Playing my Hunter for over an hour reminded me why I stop playing it all the time. It just feels so cheezy. I’m not saying Hunter is bad or what the fook ever, but to me, it just feels very very boring. Which sucks, because yes I admit, it is so easy to do stuff in the game. Pets can pretty much tank an entire continent if you spec right and heal right. But the Hunter class to me is missing something.

So what other characters did I try on the Timeless Isle?

My Rogue, who despite being not that well geared (blue dagger) doesn’t have to much issues killing things. You have to time things correct, but all the stuns and interrupts make life pleasant.

My Priest, who as a Shadowy ninja slowly kills things from a distance. A lot of kiting and weird movement is needed from my end to get it to work, but not that hard.

My Warrior, who as Protection just aggros a lot of mobs to his side and starts whacking the living shiat out of things with his shield. I didn’t expect this. Protection questing (or dailies etc ..) has always been kind of a drag. Yes you are a walking fortress, but it is a bit slowish at times. Building up vengeance for power etc.
But Warrior tanks got some love in the latest patch it seems, because I suddenly noticed this little thing:


Very cool indeed. Now an all parry build will start to pay of, because there’s also this:


Actually, it doesn’t really matter that much if things die in 5 seconds or in 7 seconds does it?

Anyway, I had a lot of fun on my Warrior on Timeless Isle, but there’s the huge issue of queues and LFR. I’m so accustomed to fast queues as a healer, and god knows the queues as a DPS are horrible. Tried it on my Rogue, and a 40 minute queue is just insane. But no way in hell I am going to tank in LFR. The amount of *** up people in there is just insane and after a long day at work and shiat, no way I want my ingame time poluted with toxic behaviour of any sort.

Who knows, maybe next expansion Warrior can heal? With a sheep strapped on their back or something.

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If you want to change the world …

… start with yourself.

Or you could say: “Be the change you want to see in the world“.

Ok, bare with me here, it’s going to be a bit erratic. This line got in my head because of  an article about the no-flying in Warlords of Draenor. The author writes a very personal ‘rant’ why he feels the decision about no flying is a step backwards in the grand total that is World of Warcraft. He also shows us other examples about poor decisions from Blizzard in the past.

Now, I’m not going to talk about the no flying. I couldn’t care less. I hope flying gets canned as a whole. Bigger world, more puny little hero in a big big world feeling. I want that.

What got me thinking about Mohandas Gandhi and his famous quote was a simple thing. Why did the author take the time to rant about this topic, and even make a post on the WOW US forums about it?
I’m going to be totally honest here, I to fell victim to complaining and bitching about a lot of things in WOW in the past. Just browse through my archive, and you will have plenty of examples …

Every time I see people complain about LFR and why it is the worst thing ever to happen to WOW I just can’t even bother anymore. Stop trying to change the world.

“One cause is a cognitive bias called projection bias. Essentially living inside your own head your entire life makes it exceedingly difficult to understand how others do not also live your same life, think your same thoughts, and hold your same beliefs. In many cases it’s quite frustrating to try to empathize and understand why you yourself may not be the center of the universe, which generally results in one ‘acting out’ in various ways. 
So, in short: the internet.”

Now here is the incredible weird thing. I’m actually trying to do just that. I’m actually trying to be the change I’d like to see in the world. And I’m going out of my comfort zone alot. I invite random people to groups to do quests. I’m friendly, I try to answer peoples questions in general chat. I help out random fellow hero-players about to die to a vicious rare elite on Timeless Isle. I’m friendly in dungeons and LFR.

And you know what? It is working. My gaming sessions are more relaxed, more fun, and guess what, I’ve actually met a bunch of cool people.

The other day I did a random heroic dungeon, and I get Scarlet Halls. Nothing special, only the tank is a bit gung-ho kamikaze. Eventually we come up to the underground corridors with the cannons, where he just pulls everything, and decides to tank it all around a corner, in front of cannons firing tadaa … cannonballs. Can you feel it coming? He went down in the blink of an eye. I couldn’t heal through walls, and he didn’t use a single defensive cooldown.

When he died he said “Healer wtf you doing”.

Now, in any other circumstance I would have linked his death report (damage taken etc) in party chat and I would have completely gone bezerk on his ass. It’s not because you are wearing a single LFR item you suddenly become immortal right? And the fact that tanking everything in front of cannons while putting yourself behind a corner is generally considred to be a dumb thing to do?

But I did not go bezerk. I did not rage. I did nothing of that sort. Instead I just replied with “Warn me next time please”. We then finished the dungeon like nothing happened. We all parted ways, and probably never see each other again. Simple really. I know it wasn’t my fault, and he probably knows as well.

So … be the change you want to see. Not just pretty words.

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Timeless Isle content: Fun for you?

It is to me. On my crappy (ilvl 470+) geared Paladin it is quite a challenge at times. I’m so used to playing a ranged caster, and I have the attention span of a shrimp. This often results in an awful death experience with fire and lava things. But at least Blood Elves die with style!

So I was happy to see a post come up on the MMO Champion forums from someone else who is enjoying the increased difficulty of roaming the Timeless Isle (as an undergeared character). The sad news is that it didn’t take very long before the usual trolls got in the thread and started a spiral of negative bitching.

Also, this …


I can’t remember seeing to much Warlock envy. But then again, I can’t even remember what I had for lunch this morning … Oh well.

Did Blizzard borrow some of Guild Wars 2 stuff? No idea, but it is very nice of them if they did. The rare tagging system is great, and the island certainly makes people work together. Yesterday me and my brother started a rep farm group that worked wonders. +1 for Blizzard.

Blizzard stated they are opting for a similar system in Warlords of Draenor. Or certain areas at least. It can go lots of different ways, but I’m optimistic.

Also, I did a whole bunch of LFR runs yesterday, and not once was there toxic behavior. Lots of silence, but mostly just people doing there business and getting loot.

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Paladin is the new me


What is the most awesome class in the world? If you didn’t say out loud ‘The Paladin‘ then you are playing the game wrong. Ha.

Ok, maybe not. Ok, not at all, but at least the Paladin can perform all three roles (tank, heal,damage).

I totally had it with Priest healing. So slow slow slow. It just doesn’t feel fun to me anymore. This is why just the other day, I got my Paladin to level 90, and had a lot of fun with the healing way of a Holy Paladin. You react to different procs, and you look wicked badass in plate armor at the same time.

The most excellent part of all this that has gotten me excited? No more patches until the new expansion! That means no more new gear / ilvls. Just casually work your way to the Siege of Orgrimmar, gearing up and having fun in the progress. Ok, probably how one should approach the game in the first place, but hey, whatever.

There is of course a downside. Retribution, the damage dealing special happy tree of the Paladin. I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again. It is goddamn shit. I have my fingers crossed it will feel better at ilvl 500+, but right now, at a crappy ilvl of 460, it feels like everything shreds me a new b**hole all the time. Paper plate wearing class … Maybe it’s me, maybe I suck playing a Ret Paladin (although that would be funny, seeing how Ret Pally is not difficult at all to play).

So what have I been up to?

Made it to level 90 with dungeons pretty damn fast. Healing queues are as always, super fast. Then I made my way to the new Timeless Isle, where I was showered with epic items. And I mean that literally … I admit, it was freakin’ difficult at first, wearing all green crap gear. Just looking at a rare elite often meant falling dead into the dirt.
I love it. Actually gearing up and catching up to the latest content in a doable fashion. Of course there are those that don’t like this sort of thing … meh.

Up for grabs are LFR and heroics for easy Justice Points.

My brother who plays a Warlock and has an ilvl of 7000 it seems is helping me with dungeon and LFR runs. Well, actually I’m helping him or he is just plain using me for my insta-healer queues to cap his Valor every week (if he’s short of a little). Anyway … he has gear. F**ked up gear. Oh right, he raids … 3 times a week … Also, he is nuts.  So when we zone in a dungeon it usually goes like this:

“Hey guys hows you” followed by “Try to keep up”.
And then we just rape the place. Ever seen a dungeon boss NPC go down in 4 seconds? It is fun. Often our random fellow party members just stare at this moment of joy. Sometimes we get an ‘Ohhh’ or an ‘Ahhh’. Most of the time people just run after us and try not to disturb the awesome.

If at any given moment you are questioning your next alt character? Pick a Warlock, you will not regret it. I shit you not.

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Community jewels: Bring it on!



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Community jewels: The truth

“The elitist bitching about LFR is amazing. Complaining about LFD is more ridiculous. I mean, it was SOOOOOOOO fun and immersive spamming Org chat to try and find a group, then all flying to the dungeon, and by the time you get there someone’s dog died, so you gotta go find someone else. Really?”


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Warlords of Draenor sounds promising

A lot of information the last couple of days regarding the next expansion for World of Warcraft, and I have to admit, Blizzard has my attention. Of course needless to day it is going to be more of the same old, but certain changes / things they said got me excited.

For instance:

* Level 90 boost on purchase
Excellent. Want a new character to try out, use the boost and you can skill the grinding previous content you’ve done countless of times before

* Dungeons: A redesigned UBRS
OMG. One of my favorite dungeons ever. It’s personal, and most people look at me funny when I say this out loud, but I don’t care. Awesome!

* Leveling

“Taking a cue from the Timeless Isle, Warlords of Draenor will strike a balance between traditional questing and discovery.”

This can mean a shitload of things, and for the sake of been there before, lets wait for the beta and beta news before we go mental over it. It does sound promising, but that is usually the case with Pr talk.

* Garrison farm like thing

“As you progress toward level 100, you’ll also open up the opportunity to create your very own Garrison—one of Warlords of Draenor’s biggest new features.”

Sounds cool. Player housing done a bit different? Huge potential here, but as always, Blizzard needs to actually strike the ball to score a homerun … We’ll see.

* UI improvements
That is about freakin’ time. To bad it only took them 4 expansions to get there.

* Raiding and flex yadayada
Blizzard really wants people to get back into raiding again. Why the fook?

* Reforging gone
Yay! No longer going to askmrrobot every time you get new gear. Excellent. More fun in the game, less excell number management.

* No more grinding and carrying different sets as a healer

“The primary stats on armor will now change based on your spec. Plate drops and it will have whatever stats your class needs, no more Intellect plate! No more PvP Priest Healing set and PvP Priest DPS set, just a Priest set.”

This is the winner if you ask me. Why it took so long for this to be in the game is beyond me, but for this alone I’m am happy as a Panda.

* Item squish
No more items with +3000 intellect and over the top numbers. Back to the roots baby!

* No flying till the first patch (6.1)
Blizzard gets it. Immersion is needed in a fantasy game. Flying over the world  and dropping down on top of a quest location is not immersive, it’s not adding to the gameplay. It is convenient and fast that’s for sure. But it kills the game on so many levels.

The fun part of the new expansion is the reactions from gamers all over the world, usually on forums. People hating features already, cursing Blizzard for not doing this and that… I love it. People as a whole, just fooking suck. I’m no hypocrite, I’m a person to, so yeah, I suck to.

“One cause is a cognitive bias called projection bias. Essentially living inside your own head your entire life makes it exceedingly difficult to understand how others do not also live your same life, think your same thoughts, and hold your same beliefs. In many cases it’s quite frustrating to try to empathize and understand why you yourself may not be the center of the universe, which generally results in one ‘acting out’ in various ways.
So, in short: the internet.”

Best quote ever. Read it, over and over.

Now, for the fun part:

* No flying, I’m griefing!
* Worst expansion

This one will surprise you if you read it until the end. I suggest you do ;-)

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Harder, better, faster, stronger

My previous post where I kinda complained about the silly existence melee players have in SWTOR, with all the flashy stuff going around making your ADD head go boom, made me think about previous games and that particular problem.

Obviously the first game that came to mind was World of Warcraft. It has a similar problem. And that is, always fighting evil feet and legs while shit explodes around you. Why is that?

Well, for starters, it always has to be bigger, and better.

In the WOW vanilla game, you killed Ragnaros, a great firelord in a lavapool. In The Burning Crusade, you ended killing an evil demon Night Elf with issues. Then came The Lich King expansion, where you faced … tadaaa … the Lich King himself.
After that it was time for the Cataclysm expansion, in which you were put in front of Deathwing, a huge evil black dragon so big, you ended the fight by killing his claws and then his head. And now, in Mists of Pandaland, you are facing an evil so huge … euhm …

I’m sorry, I actually have no idea what evil demons you are killing. An evil Sha here, an Orc gone cuckoo over there. Yeah I admit, I fell overboard from the Blizzard boat right there. They lost me.
But that is not really a surprise is it? You have fought demons and wannabee gods all over the place. Gone to other dimensions, you have slain more bad things than you can remember … as a player.

So how do you top that, as a developer? What’s the next bigger and better? If you have killed the biggest, baddest evil in the universe, what’s next?
Unfortunately, the answer to that … is just more evil. More bigger, and some more. It doesn’t stop, it’s like politicians. There’s always more, and more.

So if there’s one thing I could say to a MMO content designer, it would be this:

“No more huge beasts and gods, I’m tired of whacking evil legs and feet.”

And then i’d sneak in this as well:

“And please stop making everything look like a disco-dance-fight.”

Now, I’m not getting my hopes up. This bigger and better thing is ever present. Look at the Lord of the Rings movies. In the first, they are on a quest to bring the ring to that evil mountain. Big fights, deaths. Epic right?
In the second movie evil is kicking ass, and it ends in a huge zerg battle on Helms Deep. How more epic could that shit be right? I mean come on …
In the third movie, they just go insane. A huger than huge zerg on a city, bigass fighting trees, freakin’ undead pirates that commandeer a ship and help out the good guys, and as a grand finale, the almost slaughtered good guys facing evil in the eye and eventually kicking ass.

Harder, better, faster, stronger … I like the song, but sometimes going overboard is best.

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SWTOR: First Republic flashpoint The Esseles

Is over and done with. And it was a breeze. Actually not really an accomplishment, because it is a newbie starter flashpoint. I teamed up with another player (a Jedi Shadow) and together with our two NPC companions we went through it pretty fast.

And here comes a complaint. I’m either getting old as f*ck, or SWTOR is way to flashy as a melee character. I didn’t really notice this while leveling up, but yesterday, in the flashpoint, I had at times a bit of information overload happening on me.

You’re standing there, with your humming lightsaber, in between 3 or 4 mobs or a bossfight, while there’s blaster fire, rockets, explosions, rubble, shockwaves, energywaves, healthbars and god knows what else.



The magic of a lightsaber wielding badass is kinda lost on me that way. Now I know, we are in the age of Call of Duty like rapid boomboom stuff, and the majority of SWTOR free players are not as ancient old as me, but still …

I still like my Jedi Guardian though. There is this magic thing that happens when you enter combat and you hear the sound of your lightsaber. But it is clear that playing a Guardian means being the brick wall guy, and I’m not sure how that will translate when questing solo in the world. Maybe it will be more fun when I get my next companion, that happens to be DPS or healing centered.

Semi spoiler-ish alert!

Don’t get me wrong, I like the little droid I have now as a companion (T7-O1) but he is a ranged tank. And as a Guardian, I really don’t need a ranged tank do I? So I’m in the market for a new companion.

End spoiler alert!

So here I am dammit, once more, with two characters I’ve invested in. A level 17 Mercenary, and a level 11 Guardian. One thing also worth mentioning is the difference I noticed between the Empire and Republic versions. The Republic version felt more polished, more sense of a real story behind it, if that makes sense.

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Life goes by so fast these days …

And the more I think of it, the less I understand.

Gone are the days when I could just play on pretty much every evening, happily strolling away in a virtual world, grinding my teeth on digital things. Nowadays, I’m a happy camper if I can squeeze in an hour or two every couple of days. And the funny thing is, this ‘change’ didn’t take long to happen. Now that I think of it, probably three to four months or so.

This is not a rant or anything, and I’m not saying my life is better or worse now. It’s just weird, that gaming suddenly got thrown in the backseat. And I’m not sure why it’s over there or who threw it in the first place.

And then I look around and see fellow bloggers posting beautiful articles and opinions, and I think to myself, where do they get the energy? The time? The time to play AND write cool / great stuff. On different games, all the time. How the hell do they stay organized?

Now I admit, when it comes to organizing I have a lot to learn. And to be honest, my ADD and ASD isn’t really helping me either. I’m always all over the place. This, that, this … that … It is tiring you know? Just take a loot at the archives of my little blog. The amount of times I have revived the blog and started fresh are countless (drama-alert!). Maybe I should at least get points for persistence?

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